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At Côté Gold, we focus on what we contribute, not just what we extract. We believe that in order for prosperity to be sustained, it must be shared, it must support the well-being of our communities, and it must be achieved with minimal impact to the environment.
Taking concrete action and doing things better is part of who we are. We deliver reliable results with our high-performing and collaborative culture. We achieve practical and tangible improvements with our innovative mindset and openness to new ideas. By integrating diverse thinking and creative applications of technology, we can transform the future of mining.

Project Highlights

Côté Gold will be an open-pit gold mine in northern Ontario serviced by autonomous haul trucks and drills.

18 plus

Years of potential mine life

23 autonomous haul trucks and 6 autonomous drills in use when fully operational

10 Billion dollars

GDP for Ontario* and $5 billion in wages over mine life**

600+ full-time jobs during operation

* Projection from start of construction through to forecasted end of mine life in 2041.
** Wages estimate direct and indirect. Based on independent report by RIAS
   All dollar figures are expressed in Canadian Dollars.
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Image description: Three Côté Gold team members in discussion


At Côté Gold, we offer a supportive and empowering environment where we are challenged to do things differently. We value fresh ideas, new techniques, and novel integrations of technology and process. We believe that integration and diversity make us stronger.

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Image description: Two Côté Gold environmental technicians conducting wildlife monitoring.


Sustainable mining cannot be achieved without ensuring the health and wellness of our colleagues and our communities. At Côté Gold, health, safety, and sustainability are not mere standards or certifications requiring compliance – they are deeply held beliefs.

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Image description: Côté Gold team member holding a tablet


Technology is in Côté's foundations. It permeates everything we do. It underpins not only the efficiency, precision, and consistency of our operations, but the safety of our people and the protection of our environment and communities.

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At Côté Gold, we offer a supportive and empowering environment where we are challenged to do things differently.

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