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Health and Safety

Before we even broke ground at Côté Gold, health and safety were core considerations in the Project's design. From our decision to operate automated haul trucks and drills to the dust-controlled processing plant, maximizing safety weighed prominently in our decisions.

Zero Harm® Vision and Framework

Zero Harm® is the vision that guides all operations and activities undertaken by IAMGOLD. It is our commitment to continually strive to reach the highest standards in human health and safety, minimize our impact on the environment, and work co-operatively with our host communities. Since adopting the Zero Harm® vision in 2008, we continuously seek to add rigour to our health, safety, and sustainability practices, building on the challenges and successes of the past. We know that achieving Zero Harm® is not just a vision, but an ongoing journey that we will continue in partnership with our internal and external stakeholders.
Image description: Côté Gold Safety helmet

COVID-19: Current Status and Policies

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges. Building a modern mine requires tight integration of diverse sets of expertise to optimize planning and refine execution.

We have rigorous site protocols in place, including:

  • antigen and PCR testing for all workers entering the site
  • mandatory masks and social distancing throughout the site
  • workspace capacity limits
  • camp sewage testing for the presence of COVID-19
Image description: Côté Gold team members in board room wearing protective face masks


For those seeking employment opportunities at Côté Gold, we are currently accepting applications online via our jobs portal.


At Côté Gold, we offer a supportive and empowering environment where we are challenged to do things differently.

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