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At Côté Gold, we offer a supportive and empowering environment where we are challenged to do things differently. We value fresh ideas, new techniques, and novel integrations of technology and process. We believe that integration and diversity make us stronger. We are building a brand new, modern mine, and our growing team is already working hard to bring these foundational principles to life.


For those seeking employment opportunities at Côté Gold, we are currently accepting applications online via our jobs portal.

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Our Values

Our values define Côté’s internal culture and are the basis of the decisions and actions required to execute our Strategy, achieve our Vision, and fulfill our Purpose.


People first. Be vigilant and keep our colleagues, community, and families safe.


Take responsibility for your performance. Make sound judgements, do what you say, and hold others to account.


We succeed as a team. Combining our broad perspectives, expertise, and thinking is crucial to making meaningful progress and delivering consistent results. Integration and diversity make us stronger.


Get things done. Deliver on your commitments. Have a bias for action and tangible progress. Care about the quality of your work, and strive for excellence.


Have the courage to try new things. Speak up about your ideas. Be curious and creative with technology.


Get to know people. Recognize their contributions, and engage in respectful debate. Be aware of your own biases. Accept that with diversity in thought comes diversity in people.


Be transparent in your actions. Act with the interests of our teams and communities in mind. Balance economic responsibility with social equity and environmental stewardship.

Diversity and Inclusion

We know that diversity in people leads to diversity in ideas, and it’s those ideas that make us stronger. We are committed to making this an ongoing improvement process and have established committees to ensure our strategies are aligned wherever we operate around the world.

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Social and Economic Development

With an 18-plus-year mine life, our involvement in the community is long-term. We believe that – from development and operations to closure and beyond – our presence should leave a lasting, positive impact.

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health and Safety

The health and safety of our people and our communities are a key focus at Côté Gold. Even before we broke ground, health and safety were core considerations in our development phase.

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Working at Côté

Our journey at Côté Gold has just begun. As a greenfield project under construction, we are laying the technological foundations to support our fleet of autonomous haul trucks and drills, as well as the advanced analytics systems required to continually improve our precision and operational excellence.

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