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Working at
Côté Gold

Our journey at Côté Gold has just begun. As a greenfield project under construction, we are laying the technological foundations to support our fleet of autonomous haul trucks and drills, as well as the advanced analytics systems required to continually improve our precision and operational excellence. By integrating diverse thinking and creative applications of technology, we can transform the future of mining.
Mine Operators in Standing Meeting (Interior)

Why Work at Côté

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

You’ll be working in diverse multi-generational and multi-disciplinary teams that combine the skills of data analysts with those of technicians and experienced operators. With a foundation of hard-earned mining knowledge, we will shape the future of mining.


  • Generous bonus program
  • Share-purchase plan
  • Top-tier pension, health, and dental plans  
  • Enhanced paramedical coverage (massage, chiropractic) of 80%, up to $750 per practitioner, per year
  • Employee and family assistance
  • Well being account of up to $1200 per year
  • Paid insurances
  • Extended health coverage, including fertility drugs and treatment and gender affirmation

Exceptional Food

In visionary style, top-rated chefs are paired with traditional camp chefs to share skills and create quality meals for our employees. Some of Cote’s chefs studied at Cordon Bleu and have cooked for celebrities and in major resorts around the world. Blending the people who understand camp life with people who are culinary experts creates a unique dining experience in a mining setting. Our kitchen is state-of-the-art and food is sourced locally where possible.


We are located 2 hours from Sudbury and 1.5 hours from Timmins. Workers will be bussed from Timmins and Sudbury.

Shift Work

Site-based shifts will be 7 days on and 7 days off. Some roles allow for weekday work or flexible arrangements.


Technology enables our people to focus on what they do best: think, envision, optimize, and prioritize. To define the future of mining, we need people who are comfortable with technology and are willing to think creatively about how we operate. Some of the roles required will be autonomous haulage and drilling system builders, controllers, and guidance technicians. We will also need skilled and experienced operators from traditional fields. 

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Global Opportunities

IAMGOLD operates mines in three continents and encourages internal transfer and promotional opportunities. Whether you work for us as a local employee or as an expatriate, our operations and projects offer challenging opportunities and global mobility for professionals from many disciplines.

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Job Opportunities

Mine operators interacting during equipement support call in the pit

Equipment Operators

  • More than 80 jobs will be available
  • Hiring starts in 2022
  • Fleet includes CAT 6060 electric shovels, CAT 994 front-end loaders
Mill operators inspect the High Pressure Grinding Rolls

Processing Plant Workforce

  • More than 50 jobs will be available
  • Hiring will start with supervisors in early 2022
  • Biggest HPGR in Canada
  • Biggest vertical mills on the market
  • Automated and modern processes
Autonomous Hauling Operator in the Integrated Control Room

Technology Specialists

  • 12 specialized roles including System Command Builders, Controllers, and Technicians
  • Hiring is underway and will progress throughout construction
  • Positions available across the operation
  • 23 CAT 793F autonomous haul trucks, 6 Epiroc Pit Viper autonomous drills
  • First autonomous open-pit in Canada from start-up
  • Work closely with IT on infrastructure to support operations
Senior Mine Managers collaborating

Leadership Roles

  • More than 30 roles available including Mine Supervisors, Mill Supervisors, Maintenance Supervisors, and Services Supervisors
  • Hiring starting early 2022
  • Leaders at Côté Gold will create an environment of safety, respect, and collaboration

Hiring Process FAQs

How Long Does the Recruitment Process Take?

It generally takes six to eight weeks for candidates to make it all the way through our process. If we determine early that you are not the candidate we’re looking for, we’ll let you know within 1-2 weeks of submitting your application.  

Our process is designed to ensure we get the right fit for the position, and it exposes the candidate to some elements of our work methods. There are several steps in our process that require independent work from the candidate, review by third-party providers, and a review by our team. Our commitment is to respond as quickly as possible to each applicant.

How and when will I hear back?

We respond to all candidates to let them know the outcome of their application at each stage in our process. This is usually done via email. Unfortunately, our emails can sometimes make their way to your spam or junk folder, so please remember to check that.

What steps are involved in the recruitment process?

Côté Gold is a brand new operation, and we are open to improving and adapting our processes. Some steps in recruitment may change as we try new workflows. To ensure uniformity, all candidates who apply for the same role will go through the same steps in the process. However, if a candidate applies for two different roles, the steps may differ.  

Who will I speak with during the recruitment process?

Your main point of contact will be a member of our Recruitment Team. You will also meet the Hiring Manager for the position and, for some roles, other members of the relevant hiring team.

What is Côté Gold's approach to compensation?

We believe everyone should be compensated based on the market value of their role and the value that the role brings to the company. We benchmark all roles based on the labour market in Ontario and aspire to pay our team competitively in that range so that they can have a healthy and predictable income. The specific compensation amount offered to a successful candidate will be based on relative experience and skills.

In addition to a base salary, Côté Gold offers a competitive pension, benefit, a bonus system, and an employee share plan. Features include a top-tier pension plan, top-tier health and dental benefits with enhanced paramedical coverage (massage, chiropractic), and employee and family assistance. We also have a generous well being account and will assist payments for sports, hobbies, and equipment up to $1200 per year.

If I join Côté, will I be required to travel?

Côté Gold is a remote work site in Gogama, Ontario. Our teams will work on a 7 days on, 7 days off schedule to promote work-life harmony.          

Transportation will be offered to all site team members from Sudbury and Timmins following the 7/7 schedule.

The health and safety of employees are our highest priority. We believe that distance and weather factors, combined with shift durations, pose an unacceptable risk to independent travel to site.

Some positions are based in the Sudbury office. Team members hired into these positions will be expected to travel to site as required.

Will my differences be respected at Côté Gold?

We believe that people from different backgrounds, with different identities and experiences, make our company and the communities we work and live in better.

IAMGOLD supports gender diversity and offers health coverage for gender affirmation procedures.

We are firmly committed to providing equal opportunity in all aspects of our team and will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind.

What are some key differences about Côté Gold?

Côté Gold will be the first open-pit mine in Canada to use autonomous equipment from start-up.

Autonomous equipment requires specialized teams to run it, and we are developing the training programs to create these teams.

Côté Gold’s processing plant will feature the biggest high pressure grinding roller (or HPGR) in Canada and the biggest vertical grinding mills on the market.

REcruitment Fraud Alert

There have been instances of fraudulent job offers misrepresenting IAMGOLD Corp. on the internet. Various international organizations or individuals have been offering false employment opportunities with IAMGOLD. IAMGOLD takes this matter seriously and is working towards effectively addressing the issue. By making you aware of this, we hope to prevent unsuspecting individuals from falling victim to this scam.

As part of IAMGOLD’s hiring policy, candidates who seek employment with IAMGOLD will never be asked to pay any sum of money to IAMGOLD.