Deployment of the first Pit Viper on the South Pit. Photo credit: Zhi Jun Zhu, Senior Engineer Autonomous System

Project Update - June 2023

June 21, 2023

Project is over 80% complete!

Côté Gold is undergoing a remarkable transformation, with the project approximately 80% complete as of the end of March and now ramping up to peak activity levels. With over 1,500 workers at site, the project is expected to advance at a rate of 2% to 3% per month through the spring into the fall at which point the focus will shift from mechanical completion to commissioning activities towards initial production target in early 2024.

A model for modern mining in Canada. Côté Gold will be the first open pit mining project in Ontario to have onsite autonomous hauling and drilling complemented by manual loading and support equipment. The project achieved a major milestone in April with the commissioning of the first autonomous blasthole drill rig, which will be able to move between holes on a pattern autonomously, improving safety and productivity.


Our Côté Gold project continues to advance rapidly towards initial production early next year. The project was approximately 80% complete at the end of March and is now ramping up to peak activity levels. Congratulations to all the teams involved for the progress achieved!

Earthworks activities

Tailings Management Facility (TMF) raise completed in March in preparation for spring freshet and to accumulate water in support of commissioning activities later in the year.

Processing plant

Civil works and concrete pours are effectively complete. Progress continued on structural steel work in the HPGR and secondary crushing areas; steel work started on primary crusher. Installation of ball mill and utility pipe rack on the north wall is nearly complete. Significant progress has been made on installation of CIP tanks, vertimill mechanical works and associated structural steel and cyclone installations.

Processing plant interior, April 2023
Processing plant interior, April 2023

Processing plant exterior, April 2023
Processing plant exterior, April 2023

Other infrastructure

Installation of underground services has progressed significantly, and critical work was completed in January 2023. Fuel distribution and storage, including the refueling station, is expected to be completed in the third quarter 2023.

Autonomous Haulage System deployment

Autonomous hauling in support of mining activities began in January. During the first quarter 2023, four to six CAT 793F haul trucks operated in autonomous mode with ten haul trucks in total having been commissioned. Operations personnel moved into the operations office facility and the mine control room has been fully commissioned.

CAT793 Haul Truck, April 2023
CAT793 Haul Truck, April 2023

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